JG Program Curriculum

When checking-in your JG on the first day, you will be given a copy of the session's lesson plan. Click on the session to view the lesson plan below. 

Session 1 + 8: X-Treme

Session 2 + 5: Survivor: Junior Lifeguard

Session 3: Guardians of the Waterway

Session 4 + 7: Island Life!

Session 6: Lifeguard 101


* To celebrate the end of each session, there is a potluck every Friday during the lunch hour.  On Wednesday, your JG will volunteer/be assigned something to bring and/or a few dollars for pizza.

* Clean-up is from 3:45-4:00 pm.  Please wait to sign-out your child until 4:00 pm.  We like to have everyone pitch in and pick-up all personal belongings, trash, JG equipment and leave the program area cleaner than how we found it.  We appreciate your patience!