BSA Merit Badges

Are you a Boy Scout? If so, you are now able to potentially complete various required skills from three merit badges when attending any JG session. 

Interested? Be sure to bring a Boy Scout buddy and your blue card(s) to be marked off at the end of the session. Notify your JG Instructor at the beginning of the session which merit badge skills you hope to be checked off on during the week. On Friday, the JG Instructor will fill-out the blue card, indicating which skills were successfully completed. IMPORTANT: It is not guaranteed that a Boy Scout will successfully complete each skill or completely earn any of the merit badges.

The following merit badges are offered every session:

First Aid
- Required skills offered: 2b+c, 3a-c, 4a+b, 6a+b, 7

- Required skills offered: 7a+b, 9c, 13a+b, 14a

- Required skills offered: 2a+b