Hello Junior Lifeguards, parents, and friends

Welcome, past, present and future Junior Lifeguards!!! With 2018 succesfuly in the books, we're busy working on planning for our 2019 season.  Although nothing is finalized yet, we've spent a good deal of time reviewing end of season surveys to bring forward changes we hope are positive.  

Although it seems like an enternity away, we're excited to see you back next year for another exciting summer of swimming, sand and sun!  This year we'll be offering 3 different programs under the Junior Lifeguard umbrella: Junior Lifeguards (ages 8-12), Aides (ages 13-15), and Junior Cadet (ages14-17). You can see that there's something for everyone! 

2018 Fun Facts!

  • 480 Junior Lifeguards at 5 locations
  • 40 Junior Lifeguard Aides
  • 23 Junior Cadets

Thank you for participating in our Junior Lifeguard programs, and we hope to see you soon!

-EBRPD Lifeguard Service