Stop the Bleed Info

Brief history of this program dates back to 2012 after the unfortunate events of the Sandy Hook shootings. It was determined that many of the victims succumbed to their injuries from bleeding of the extremities. The American College of Surgeons-Committee on Trauma, along with the Department of Defense, set forth to design a program to teach civilians basic bleeding control, creating: Stop The Bleed. Furthermore, in 2017, many survived the Las Vegas shooting due to bleeding control. There were several military, medical, and law enforcement personnel at the venue that were knowledgeable on bleeding control and instructed other civilians in performing and assisting to stop the bleed. 

Evidently, this training is not specific to mass casualty events. The course is designed to train civilians on basic bleeding control, which can occur in natural disasters, outings, and home or work accidents.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Trauma Program has taken the Stop The Bleed program to the next level.  We have developed a curriculum that is specific to train children. Teachings are designed to be fun yet educational. We focus on everyday activities that children may be involved in where accidents can occur. We have piloted the curriculum within Southern California and have educated over 1000 children ages 5-13 years old.  A retention course was implemented with 200 students from the initial cohort and they accomplished about an 80% retention rate of skills 6 months post initial training.  Additionally, a children’s book was developed by a high school student inspired by completing the course. The book covers the basic teachings from our Stop The Bleed Course for children.

With the assistance of Safe Kids Alameda County and the East Bay Regional Park District, we want to set up virtual reading sessions of the Stop The Bleed book, for children in your school district grades K-3rd.  The readings will be presented by members of the East Bay Regional Park District Fire Department Lifeguard Service.  Please reach out to the coordinator that shared this letter with you for more information on scheduling. Our mission is to teach children of all ages to control bleeding and ease any fears that arise when encountering an injured person.  Just as CPR saves live, bleeding control ALSO saves lives.

Thank you for your time!