Public Outreach Offerings

As part of our goals of teaching water safety to the greatest number of children possible in the East Bay, the Lifeguard Service is venturing out into various educational offerings.  The courses we currently offer are listed below, along with a brief description.  Also, please note, while we have targeted each presentation for a specific grade, each presentation can generally be modified for a grade above and below.  If there is any doubt, send us a request and we'll see if we can make it work.  While we prefer to offer most trainings in a live format, many can be prerecorded and played for your class as well.

If you are interested in requesting a program from a representative from the Lifeguard Service, please fill out the request form.  

Please note, these educational sessions were created for a virtual learning environment.  If you'd like us to come to your school, we can arrange to make that happen.  Just let us know! 

  • Emergency Preparedness (2nd Grade) - Preparing for emergencies is always important, especially when it comes to fires, earthquakes, thunder, and lightning.  In this 15 minute program, Tyler will examine the effects of these emergencies and why you should speak to your family members about them to create a plan of action.  
  • I'm Lost! Now What? (Kindergaren - 5th Grade) - In this 20 minute program, McKenna will cover the basics of what to do when you're separated from your family.  She'll talk about who to look for such as lifeguards, police, firefighters, and families with kids.   
  • I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Sunscreen (Kindergarten -1st Grade) - When it comes time to go out in the sun, we often find ourselves screaming at the thought of putting on sunscreen.  In this 15 minute presentation,  Aaron will discuss the importance of sun safety, proper methods for applying sunscreen, and overall sun safety practices.  When all is said and done, we'll no longer be screaming against sunscreen, but will instead be screaming for! 
  • Prepare with Pedro! Fire Preparedness Training (Kindergarten- 2nd Grade) - This basic fire preparedness course for kids is exactly what they need to be fire safe.  In this 30 minute presentation, which follows the American Red Cross Fire Safety curriculum, Eric will leave kids with a basic knowledge on how to be prepared and take action for house fires. 
  • Summertime...Water Safety's Easy (Kindergarten-2nd Grade)- It's summertime, and water safety is easy.  Aaron's on the microphone talking water safety.  In this short 20 minutes presentation, we'll cover four important safety rules you can follow when swimming this summer.